Professional Software Solutions, such as Web Application, Mobile Application, and System Application.


Professional Server Solution and Services with multi architecture/ platform, from server hardware base to server software.


Expert in Basic and Advanced Networking,such as routing, switching, redundancy, failover, load balancing.

Gnex Solutions

An ICT/ Telecom and Renewable Energy solutions and service provider. The company’s philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction through uncompromising integrity, and ensure that our customer service representatives are enthusiastic and responds with extra efforts in addressing customer’s needs. Bringing finest technology solution and services with a global standard to clients. Team has a can do attitude to all clients needs, looking to foster strategic partnership and relationship with clients and Read More

Unified Communication Solutions

The Unified Communications system integrates telephony, voice messaging, email, instant messaging, video, calendaring applications, collaboration on web, call center, video conferencing and lot more. Such enable and improve virtual collaboration, helping speed decision making, communications bottlenecks reduce, and also the overall employee and organizational efficiency improved.

The communication system allows high flexibility, which empowered employees with the capacity of working remotely, holding HD video conferencing calls, an dose not need to meet with clients physically. Reducing the ongoing maintenance and eradicating necessary cost of logistic. As technology evolve continuously, it has reach the era where work can no longer be refined to just a specific desk, computer screen, phone. Professionals now have the freedom of skills sharing and also look for new opportunities. using the right devices and a connection to the cloud. Read More