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Clients are the reason for the existence of Gnex Solutions and Services, hence we put in the rightful attention to all of out client’s need. having designated professional assigned to every client for prompt support inquiries, new solutions and services request. At Gnex Solutions, clients satisfaction is of grate importance to the survival of our organization. Our team are professional, smart, and talented, thriving in solutions findings to complex problems.


* Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking
* Penetration Testing
* Access Control
* Security Consultant
* Telephony
* Teleconferencing
* Collaboration and Mobile Solutions
* Video, Email, Instant Messages
* Web Collaboration, Calendaring Applications
* Lots
* Core Data Center
* Disaster Recovery Data Center
* Data Center Management
* Data Center Environment
* Basic and Advance Networking
* Routing and Switching
* Redundancy and Failover
* Load Balancing
* Local and Wide Area Networking
* Wireless Networking
* Network Attached Storage
* Storage Area Network

Our Expertise

Networking/ Data Center and Information Security
4100% Complete (success)
Software Design/ Development and Mobile Applications
100% Complete (success)
Unified Communication
100% Complete (success)
Internet of Things And Renewable Electrical Solution
100% Complete (success)